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At Acorn House we provide a wide range of care services, each one being individually tailor made for each residents needs. Everyone who lives here has a different requirement, and provide in depth attention to make sure that the services we are providing, and giving them exactly what they need and want.

Our Services

Assisted living Many of our residents are capable of handling their own personal care, and therefor only require some assistance in the everyday tasks that may have become a little bit too difficult for them to manage. For example some residents require help with taking their medication, cooking and/or cleaning. Others just need a gentle reminder of things like medication, personal care and cooking.

Community support We have a fantastic team of staff who go on home visits for those who require our services but are still able to live in their own homes. These services include meals being brought in or cooked for the individuals in their own homes, personal care being assisted with, and medication being helped with. This also includes tasks around the house, like cleaning, changing light bulbs, and food shopping.

Nursing careSome of our residents require more nursing care, for example help with their personal care and other daily tasks.

Dementia care We also have a dedicated service for those who are living with Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia.

All of the above services can be tailor made to suit each individual and their families. For example, an individual may be perfectly capable of only requiring assisted living services, but due to back problems they need some help with personal care, e.g. dressing and washing. These services can be tied in, to ensure that your loved one isn't being given too much or too little care for their needs and wants.

Whatever the level of care that your loved one needs, you will be sure to find it here at Acorn House.

Our approach and philosophy

Our philosophy here is simple. We aim for, and accomplish a person-centred and homelike environment for every individual.

Our approach is friendly, experienced and knowledgeable.


We ensure that each individual is given as much choice as they want and need. We enable independence, again, as much as the individual wants and needs. We want every resident to excel, and have access to any activities and resources that they want. For this reason we have daily, weekly, monthly and annual reviews of our services, whereby not only the staff, but the residents and their visitors can give feedback and suggestions to how the services are running and how they would like them to change.

We offer a wide range of on and off site activities including:

  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Walks
  • Movie nights
  • Cooking classes
  • Book clubs
  • Shopping trips
  • Historical site trips
  • Dance classes
  • Arts and craft classes

and more


We ensure that all of our services not only reach, but excel the Care Quality Commission standards, and have regular service checks to prove so.


This is what some of our families have said

My mother went to Acorn House about 6 months ago. We were really worried at first as she had been in our family home for over 50 years and really didn't want to leave. She is now so settled, and even calls it home!
By By Julie Andrews

My dad is a very proud man, and he does'nt like to ask for help. With his age he has become forgetful and this worried us as he was on his own in the house a lot of the time. Acorn House is a fantastic choice. The staff check on him to make sure that he is ok, but he still has all of his independence and most importantly his pride!
By Gareth Lockwood

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